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Alison is a qualified legal professional with a strong background in the title industry. As a licensed attorney in both Missouri and Illinois she brings a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape to her role. For the past 7+ years, Alison has excelled as a commercial escrow officer, handling transactions in multiple states.

Before joining the title industry, Alison served as an assistant general counsel for a company in Indiana. This experience provided her with valuable insights into corporate law and further honed her legal expertise. With her well-rounded background, Alison is equipped to navigate complex transactions and provide expert guidance to her clients.

We are dedicated to ensuring your transaction is handled with accuracy, honesty and efficiency from initial contact to closing.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University and a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University School of Law. Her educational journey has instilled in her a strong foundation in legal principles and a commitment to ongoing learning.

With her diverse skill set, legal expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction, Alison continues to make a significant impact in the title industry. Her ability to navigate complex transactions, coupled with her mediation skills, positions her as a trusted advisor for clients seeking seamless and efficient real estate transactions.

Alison's dedication to her profession, ongoing learning, and active involvement in legal associations highlight her commitment to excellence. Her passion for law and her ability to provide exceptional service make her an invaluable asset to her clients and the legal community at large.